Kung Hee Fat Choy Seattle!

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Horse. I am excited for this coming year though they have predicted turmoil this year. However without the bad there would be no "good."

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I have great memories of my Chinese heritage. Chinese family dinners on this day led by my paternal grandfather Lin Hau. I was also born with the last surname Ah Hoy Tam and I am proud to be Chinese :) Other ethnicities too but today is part of my Chinese heritage.

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I made some gau today for the occasion and I wore a red blouse today for good luck.

I had to improvise with my gau because I did not have a tin can as a mold. However it turned out well nonetheless :)

Kung Hee Fat Choy

Later today I will be making some noodles for dinner for long life.

I hope that everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year!

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